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‘4 latas’: loose road-movie by gerardo olivares with good intentions

‘4 cans’: Loose road-movie by Gerardo Olivares with good intentions. This is the latest work by the 55-year-old Cordovan filmmaker and screenwriter, which on March 1 came to Spanish cinemas by Wanda Films.

Olivares stood out in 2007 with his film 14 Kilometers when he became the first Spaniard to win the Golden Spike at the popular Valladolid film festival, popularly known as the SEMINCI, which, as is known, is a festival of Catholic tradition. On this occasion, Olivares finds it difficult to find the tone of the film at hand, despite having a more than decent cast.

4 cans follows the adventures of some friends and somewhat talluditos. Knowing that their friend Joseba (Quique San Francisco) is ill, Tocho (Keuchkerian) and Jean Pierre (Reno) decide to go visit him in Mali. Recalling the trips that the three made together in the 80s of the last century, crossing Africa in cars that they later sold in Mali and Niger, they venture to cross the Sahara with a Renault 4L that their daughter, Ely (Susana Abaitua) still has. It will be an adventure full of emotions and fun encounters that will change the lives of all of them forever.

The original idea of  the film starts from a plot premise that could have been treated with a little more depth

Gerardo Olivares has wanted to cover a lot and has been left in less than imagined. 

Although it is true that the film unfolds great themes such as corruption or the relationships between parents and children, among others, it does not give it time to develop them adequately and, in this sense, the script remains lame.

On the other hand, we find this evil endemic to Spanish cinema of always introducing cute elements, which in the end only serve to fill in what is not consistent. And that the original idea of  the film starts from a plot premise that could have been treated with a little more depth, or at least not so lightly, that the story ends up decaffeinating.

It could even be said that deep down, rather than in form, it resembles Now or Never (Rob Reiner, 2007), that great story of two sick friends who make a list of actions to take before dying.

The drama of Olivares

Thus, the drama of Olivares, which displays a beautiful staging, does not manage to transmit emotions due to the absent direction of actors, of flat characters that do not finish defining themselves, in addition to the proposal for approaching goodness It works like a stumbling block.

For all these reasons, the film remains on the verge of being a reference film about friendship in all its senses, which does not mean it is a bad film. It is a story to pass the time, despite its lack of credibility, since what underlies at all times is an unsatisfied claim to rediscover identity.

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