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“Gomorrah” | The fourth season arrives on the Italian Camorra

Sky premieres, on Tuesday, April 23, the fourth season of the Gomorra series. This series, on the Italian Camorra and directed by Francesca Comencini *, returns loaded with new plots and characters that will become more relevant than in previous seasons.

From Cinema gavia we have had access to the first 2 chapters and these are the impressions they have made on us.


These 12 new episodes give much prominence to Genny ( Salvatore Esposito ), the only survivor of the Savastano dynasty. A character who has stripped himself of countless layers in his own transformation process, going from the spoiled son of Don Pietro to the head of the family, husband and father. In the new season he is at his best, precisely for the sake of Azzurra ( Ivana Lotito ) and little Pietro. With a family to protect, he feels the need for a big change in his life, committing himself to doing legitimate business far from the world he grew up in.

His interests in Naples are transferred to Patrizia ( Cristiana Dell’Anna ) who, after having betrayed and assassinated Scianel, has earned his position within the Savastano clan. Along with Genny, she will try to keep the peace and, for this, she will rely on the Levante clan, a branch of the family of the late Doña Imma. Meanwhile, Enzo ( Arturo Muselli ) and Valerio ( Loris De Luna ), having reinforced their dominance over the central territory of Naples, face new challenges.

Series based on a book

The Gomorra series is based on the book of that name, by the author Roberto Saviano, which tells the story of the Italian camorra (mafia) in the city of Naples.

The fourth season begins by showing us the execution of the new mayor of the city. From now on, clans will have more freedom to expand their businesses to other cities in Europe.

The power of Gennaro Savastano and his expansion

Gennaro Savastano (Salvatore Esposito) becomes the most powerful force in Naples, after taking power from his father, Pietro Savastano (Fortunato Cerlino), who has spent several years in prison. The Savastano clan has become a problem for the other groups of the Italian camorra, so he has decided to change his life, landing in the city of London where he will expand his businesses and, in this way, leave the other groups that continue to cover the underworld of the city of Naples.

Clan alliances

Already in the previous seasons, the different clans were seeking alliances with the people that were most convenient for them, in order to achieve power and further expansion of their businesses. Also Genny (Gennaro) had allied with Patrizia (Cristina Dell’Anna), messenger of his father, to achieve peace and protect your family. We will continue to see this trend in the season that now begins.

Drugs and money lead to violence and deaths

What can be seen in the Gomorra series  is the devastation caused by disloyalties and deceit, between the different clans, violence that leads to deaths, all this because of drugs and money. These are wasted to keep the citizens of the city happy and that the administrations leave them free and be able to keep everything and get much more power.

Love and family relationships, all of them, will be involved in this world of drugs and film Italian capitalism.


To conclude, the Gomorra  series  is a fiction that explains quite well what happens with this type of clans in the city of Naples. You can get an idea of  how badly all the families and citizens involved, or not, in that problem had to go through in that period of time; the suffering they suffered.

It is a good choice, because the viewer is intrigued and wants to know more about what is going to happen to this famous Savastano clan and its allies and also what will happen to their enemies. To catch up, before starting Season 4, don’t miss the previous three, also on Sky.

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